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Raptor Racing Rear Camber Mod Bracket Kit


Thanks to members like Carlos Brown and Dave Shephard we are now offering this product. If you're lowring your MK2 at all this product is MUST. Included wih the kit are detailed instructions care of Carlos Bown who graciously provided them to me free of charge.

This entire kit is engineered and produced in the USA and comes with 2 main brackets + 4 tabs.

Installation Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: In order for this to work you will need to purchase or already have Camber Bolts. You will also need to either purchase Energy Suspension Control Arm bushings and make your own sleeve or purchase Superpro SPF1213 MK2 Rear Control Arm Bushings.

PLEASE NOTE: Raptor Racing will not provide technical assistance or trouble shooting for the installation of this part. Please thourougly read thru the instructions and if necessary seek professional installation.