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About Raptor Racing

Raptor Racing was started in 2005 to serve the growing need for custom parts for older Toyota's. Over the years we have developed and produced over dozen of our own parts for these vehicles to help you keep them on the road.

We are a Canadian Company who takes pride in trying to use Canadian and US materials and labor as much as possible in ALL our custom product.

95% of the products labelled Raptor Racing are shipped through our Canadian Warehouse. We also have a fairly large line card and through our US Warehouse and US Distributors stock countless parts for the vehicles listed on our site and even ones not listed.

Over the years we have been getting more and more requests for parts for many types of vehicles and have been slowly working with our business contacts to get stock and access to as many parts as we can.

If you don't see what you want please don't hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you!