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Raptor Racing Modified Magnaflow Mufflers 3.0" Inlet


Before we set out to have our own cat back systems made for MK2's and MK3's we desperately need a muffler. But not just any muffler; we wanted a muffler that was very period specific: long oval design and twin dual wall tips. Stainless construction was a must as was build quality and manufacturer support.

After months of looking we finally stumbled upon our solution. We always LOVED the look and sound of Magnaflow 14815 and 14816 dual tip mufflers but there was a problem: the input is only 2.25. Hardly doable for turbo application and barely doable for N/A builds. While at our suppliers warehouse we peeked in a box and noticed something unique to these 2 mufflers: twin tubes running the length of the muffler. This means not 1 but 2x2.25" tubes running the length of the muffler extending out to the tips.

Solution: Cut off the 2.25" input at the base; CAREFULLY expand it out to 2.5 or 3 inches; weld in the appropriate section of pipe and BAM: a new muffler is born.

You may think this is a lot of trouble to go through; but when you're as picky as we are it's all in a days work. If you want to gofor that really old school look order your muffler with the optionalwrinkle black powder coating;TRUST us you won't be sorry.

Please note this muffler was designed to fit the piping for the Raptor Racing Catback systems. While we can guarantee that the hanger is in the correct location we cannot guarantee it will work with any other system.

PLEASE NOTE: the gold tint on the black coated muffler is a result of the lighting, the tips come polished with no tint whatsoever.

You have two options and you must select one of each muffler finish and muffler input