Raptor Racing MK2 Camber Bolts


Toyota has long discontinued most of the parts for the rear toe adjusting bolts, this is the same bolt that people use when they install the camber mod. The ONLY way to get one now is find one in a junk yard and that is getting hard and hard and honestly, who wants to search for days and then fiddle for hours with rusty bolts.

Raptor Racing has gone through great length to create this part and comes with with everything you need:

  • 2 Brand New Plated Bolts
  • 4 Custom Raptor Racing Plated Cams
  • 2 Brand New Plated Flanged Nuts

If your OEM Toe bolts are in good shape you will only need 1 set, but if you want enough to do your entire car you will need to purchase 2 sets.