Raptor Racing - Feramic 6Puck W58 Clutch Kit

SKU: SKU: Raptor-RR1405

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At Raptor Racing we're committed to bring you the finest products for your Supra. So when we found a manufacturer that was willing to build a Feramic Clutch to our specs we jumped at the opportunity. Feramic disks are unique simply because there are not many companies that sell Feramic clutches for the Supra. Why? They Last Long!! They Hold the Power!! They are Streetable AND Slipable!!

Yes it's hard to believe you get everything you want in a clutch; and all this without the need for a knee breaking 3000lb pressure plate. If Feramic is so great you may be asking why everyone is not making clutches out of Feramic? Very Simple: this clutch will last you years and will take more abuse than you can throw at it. Which means you won't be back to buy a replacement disk from us for a LONG LONG Time.

Each Kit comes with:
  • Brand New Asco Pressure Plate
  • Feramic 6 Puck Sprung Disc
  • Pilot Bearing
  • Throw Out Bearing
  • Alignment Tool


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