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Raptor Racing Double Wing Spoiler Trim Kit 85-86 MK2 Supra


We heard people asking about this for you, because we were relatively happy with the success of the fender flare trim we decided to try to get this done and thankfull there was enough interest. These parts are not available from the dealership anymore or any other aftermarket source so we are proud to be able to offer these. Due to costs we had to redesign the gaskets that sit between the spoiler and the hatch, Toyota's gaskets are formed/molded and the costs for that alone is very expensive. Through the help of Seamus on we were able to come up with what we feel was a far better solution.

What's Included

PartA: 4 x Seals for that protect the body from the same holes as where the pre 85 Wing Bolts to
PartB: 1 x Trim that is used on the inside of the hatch wing
PartC: 1 x Trm that is used on the outside of the hatch wing
PartD: 2 x Seals for each corner of the wing that rests on the hatch
PartE: 1 x Seal for the centre support for the wing

1. The OEM Toyota Trim comes in 4 pieces, 2 for the inner trim and 2 for the outer trim. This kit will come with enough plus a little extra to do the whole hatch and it's up to you to simply cut it in half.
2. The OEM Toyota Trim on the Inside of the hatch comes notched to help the trim go around the bends. It will be up to the customer to gently trim this section with a sharp utility knife. The cost to make a 100% duplicate of the factory trim would make this project unfeasible for everyone

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