Raptor Racing 2.5" High Flow Ceramic Core Catalytic Converters


In order to complete your exhaust upgrade replacing your 25+ year old catalytic is something you should strongly consider. After all; you've spent good money on a quality exhaust system that is now restricted by a clogged quarter century old cat. For those budget minded folks that still want a quality unit that looks great and flows better than our bolt it Magnaflow ceramic core cats are the way to go.

Each cat comes with a polished mirror heat shield; stainless flanges; plated hardware and gaskets. At Raptor Racing we want to ensure when you get your product it's ready for install; what's the point of buying a cat from another vendor if they're charging you for hardware and gaskets. With us it's all included so fear not. Please note though that ceramic core cats are directional so pay attention to the arrow on the body

Since these cats are 2.5" in Diameter they are made for Non-Turbo MK3's, due to the length these will not fit on a MK3 Turbo.