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Mountune Full Induction Upgrade Kit, Fiesta ST 2014-2015 Black


The mountune Fiesta ST Full Induction Upgrade includes a uniquely constructed aluminum air box with a secondary cold air feed point. Additionally, the air box has been engineered with features that reduce the delta pressure drop by 2kPa that when coupled with the included mountune high flow air filter, provide a 21% increase in airflow. The mountune Full Induction Upgrade also includes the mountune High Flow Induction hose that replaces the restrictive OE inlet hose providing a further increase in air flow. This kit provides the foundation for further performance upgrades with an engineered approach that retains the OE appearance and reliability while providing a rich, deep induction note that reflects performance. Available in black , red, yellow, and blue.

Powder coated aluminum air box base
mountune high flow air filter
mountune high flow induction hose
Additional cold air feed
Easy installation
Retains original air box cover