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Motul 300V High RPM 0W20 2L


  • High performance lubricant for Motorsports
  • 100% Synthetic ESTERCoreTechnology


  • Specially developed for qualifying, drag racing, sprints or road races
  • Recommended for any engines requiring a 0W20 or 5W20 racing oil
  • Designed for high-RPM and low fuel dilution


  • STANDARDS: Above all existing Motorsports standards.
  • TYPE OF USE: Qualifying - Short distance race
  • The SAE 0W-20 viscosity grade minimizes engine internal friction to allow maximum power output.
  • The SAE 0W-20 viscosity enables to compensate low engine oil dilution by unburned fuel.
  • Maximum oil film resistance at very high temperature: Engine wear is reduced.
  • Friction Modifier: Maximum power output, decrease operating temperature.
  • Low volatility: Oil consumption is reduced.
  • High shear stability: Stable oil pressure whatever using conditions.


  • For decades MOTUL has developed high performance synthetic Ester based lubricants.
  • By selecting esters over other high performance synthetic base stocks and combining them with an innovative additive package, MOTUL has created a perfect synergy.
  • This most advanced ESTERCore Technology allows maximum power output of the engine without compromising reliability and wear.

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