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A well-balanced sports muffler that is easy to handle for everyday use, has a comfortable sound, and has a powerful design.

Powerful design
Adopts a Φ124 large diameter tail that matches the notch of the genuine bumper. Produces a sporty rear view.

Comfortable and comfortable feeling
The pipe diameter is selected in consideration of exhaust pressure reduction, torque feeling, and response. While cutting the unpleasant muffled sound in terms of sound, it is tuned to a comfortable sound quality in the high rpm range. The muffler is finished so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride even for everyday use.


Authentication number JQR10211134
Model name GR86
Model ZN8
Engine type FA24
Model year 21/10- 
Muffler shape SSR (LEGAMAX Premium)
Main material S304
Tail outer diameter 124 L & R
Intermediate pipe diameter 60.5 (* 1)
Proximity exhaust noise normal 82 L & R
HKS 84 L & R
Ground clearance when mounted (* 2) Numerical value 122mm
Kit target part Genuine intermediate pipe
HKS product weight  


About HKS muffler

* 1: About
the intermediate pipe The Φ number of the intermediate pipe diameter in the muffler is the Φ number of the thickest part (excluding the outer diameter of the shell and tail) in the configuration.

* 2: The part where the clearance between the HKS muffler (all parts included in the kit) and the road surface is the smallest when the HKS muffler is installed is described. Therefore, it may differ from the minimum ground clearance of the vehicle itself.
The data is basically for normal suspension vehicles, but please note that some data may be used when used in combination with low-down springs and harmonic drive kits.

Note: Hooks, brackets and stays are subject to change without notice.

★ Exhaust volume when idling

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