Raptor Racing - Focus ST RS Transmission Rebuild Kit

SKU: SKU: Raptor-RR2489

Raptor Racing carries all the parts you need for a complete Transmission build, the main kit includes all the parts you're need to rebuild your MMT6.  We also give you plenty of add on options through this listing and offer TONS of transmissions parts if you needed more than you see in this kit.

The Base Kit Includes:

  1. Synchrotech Carbon Fiber Synchro Set for MMT6
  2. Metal Cage Upper and Lower Differential Bearings x2
  3. Metal Cage Upper Countershaft Bearings x2 + Retaining Bolts x2
  4. Ford OEM Ring Gear Bolts x10
  5. Ford OEM Seals - 2 for ST; 3 for RS
  6. Ford Gasket Maker x2, Ford Threadlocker and Sealer x1 and Loctite 271 x1


For the ultimate build highly recommend adding the options Metal Cage Lower Counthershaft Bearings. 

If you have a Focus ST or a 16-17 Focus RS now is the PERFECT time to add a Wavetrac LSD, in our opinion the BEST LSD you can add to your build