ACC Mats - Carpet Set Complete Front-Rear MK2 Supra

SKU: SKU: MK2-ACC-Carpet

We have used these on our own cars and couldn't be happier with the fitment and quality of ACC's products. As with all aftermarket carpet you will have to do the final trimming and cut access holes for the seat belts etc so please make sure you retain your factory carpet as it's best to use it as a template to ensure accuracy.

Included in this set is 2 pieces as shown in the picture, this is for the complete passenger area of the car but NOT the hatch. We offer the hatch carpet as well so please check that out too if it's somethig you were interested in. Unless you specify ootherwise you will be shipped a black carpet, if you are interested in any other color you will have to go to the ACC site to see what is available. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.accmats.com
  2. Click Shop Online
  3. Select Any Year of the MK2 except 1986
  4. Click Carpet
  5. Click the botton beside Complete Carpet Set
  6. Click View Custom Colors
  7. Select Cutpile as the Custom Material
  8. Find Your Color in the Color Groups Drop Down
  9. Order your carpet and follow up and give us the code of your color

Please note that colors and hues vary from monitor to monitor and that custom carpets can not be returned or exchanged if you dont' like the color.

The carpets come standard with no backing, we STRONLY suggest you select the mass backing as without it the carpet will not feel plush at all and you will be able to feel every piece of chassis under your feet. Mass backing in a car is the equiviant of adding padding in your homes carpet. You wouldn't install carpet in your home without padding and we are strongly advising you don't do this with your car.