AWE Tuning Foiler Wind Diffuser for Porsche 992

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You know that sound that makes your head hurt when driving with one window down? That’s wind buffeting. And we cured it. From the original pioneers and creators of the Foiler™ Wind Diffuser:

  • The elegant solution for drastically reducing Porsche 992 wind buffeting
  • Combats buffeting, both on the street and on the track
  • Simple, quick installation utilizing factory hardware and mounting points (no intense adhesives)
  • UV-stabilized injection-molded design for the perfect OE-style look
  • Allows for “single window” down driving without wind buffeting
  • Perfect OE-like fitment
  • Fits Coupe and Targa models
  • Includes driver and passenger side Foiler


Do you know that sound that makes it feel like your head is going to implode when driving your Porsche at speed with one window down? That’s called wind buffeting. It happens when you’re moving fast. It was an issue on the 991, and it’s an issue on the 992. Instead of letting drivers be subject to this painful byproduct of fulfilling their need for speed, we fixed it.

The AWE Foiler™ Wind Diffuser boasts an unobtrusive yet elegant design, sharing an aesthetic with the existing trim that allows it to look as if it came on the 992 from the factory.

Crafted from UV-stabilized injection-molded plastic, the Foiler™ Wind Diffuser complements Porsche styling without calling unwanted attention. Installation is easier (and faster) than ever before, mirroring the stock trim’s mounting points as well as reusing factory hardware.

Equip with the Foiler™, roll down your window, and wave goodbye to wind buffeting.


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