Restart Remote

Accessory for Re-Start Powersport Batteries

This convenient accessory is for use with our Re-Start (RS) Powersport Batteries. If you have a motorcycle or vehicle where you must remove the seat, fairing or other parts to access the battery, you will appreciate this time-saver that gives you Remote Restart ability.

With this compact Remote, you can quickly wake up your RE-START Battery without having to access its RE-START Button. Simply plug-in the RE-START REMOTE to your existing Battery Charging Cable (after turning off all the accessories and Key for your Vehicle), switch it ON then OFF, and this remotely awakens your RE-START Battery without having to remove your seat or fairing. Super simple.


NOT compatible with our Automotive Batteries; they have a wireless remote system. For Automotive see our Wireless Restart Keyfob replacements.


To properly use the built-in Jump Starting feature on an Antigravity RE-START Battery (in the event the battery is ever over-discharged and puts itself into its SLEEP-MODE) you would do the following before attempting to use the RE-START button or this Remote.

  • Make sure you turn off the Key to the Motorcycle/Powersport Vehicle and turn off all accessories on the bike such as USB devices, lights or other accessories. The reason is because your battery is severely over-discharged if the battery has gone into its SLEEP MODE, so you want to ensure the remaining power is available to be used to only start the vehicle and not be wasted on a light or something that can use a significant amount of the remaining battery energy.

Once the key and accessories are OFF on your vehicle, you’re ready to RE-START.

  1. Connect the remote’s SAE tip to the SAE tip of your existing battery charging harness.
  2. Flick the remote’s switch ON (up) then OFF (down). The battery is now reset.
  3. Disconnect the remote, and start your vehicle.

IMPORTANT: After the RE-START Battery has gone into its sleep mode, it is in a state of extreme over-discharge. You should fully recharge the battery again as soon as possible. You can use a standalone Charger, or Ride/drive the vehicle for at least 30 minutes to get an adequate recharge of the battery, or longer to fully recharge it.
Choosing a Charger

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