Aluminum Radiator MK2 Supra Bolt in Raptor Racing


For those that want a plug and play Rad with no modification required there arent too many options for the MK2 these days. Griffins current model has no provisions for a temp sensor or a petcock valve, I was originally going to get them to build this radiator but have found what I believe to be a MUCH better company which builds a better quality Radiator.
These are made by Wizard Cooling in New York, we have personally visited their facility and have seen first hand the quality of the work coming out of there.

Features Include:

100% Made in USA
100% Aluminum
NO EPOXY - Griffin Epoxies their Rads
Entirely Tig Welded
Furnace Brazed High Efficiency Cores
Billet Filler Necks

On top of that we will add:

Bung for a Temp Sensor
Petcock Valve
Nylon Hardware and Custom Silicone Gasket to Prevent Galvanic Corrosion explained here and here.

The gasket isnt just a rubber washer. It's a professionally made 80duro piece of Silicone, its shaped like the tabs on your radiator to give it a nice clean look. The Bolt is possibly 1-2mm too long, but easily modified. To make a custom unit is just not worth the price.

This link has a 3D PDF of the Rad and this link as a 3D PDF of the Rad and Shroud. If the links dont work download it and open it with any PDF viewer, if you dont have a PDF viewer shame on you first of allsecond grab adobes here.

The included picture is not one of a MK2 unit, we will update with actual pictures very shortly.
PLEASE NOTE: we have made this radiator as plug and play as we could, but in order to install this you will have to slighly bend your lower rad mounts.
PLEASE NOTE: your factory rad cap will not fit, you will need a Gates 31527 Rad Cap