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Advan Carbon Fiber MK2 Supra Hatch


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Product Details

This is for a MK2 Supra (1982-1986) Carbon Fiber Hatch made by Advan Carbon. Advan has been in the business for more than 10 years, builds all their products in the USA and we are very fortunate that we have them in our corner.

In order to limit manufacturing costs, only one hatch is offered, which is not pre-drilled for spoilers or sundshades. If you decide to mount your factory spoiler or sunshade, you will need to locate and drill these holes yourself. We have taken every effort to configure the hatch with features the community desires, with maximum commonality for all spoiler designs. Your hatch will come fully loaded with the following features:

  • Wiper motor and wiper will still bolt on.
  • Both the key hole and wiper arm hole can remain undrilled but the since the mold is made with holes already there you will be able to see where the hole was as there will be a bump.
  • Weighs approximately 12lbs without glass/trim.

VERY IMPORTANT:This 100% requires a new hatch glass seal.