Weld On Flange Kit for HKS SSQ BOV(Alum Weld Fitting-Alum Flane)


Part #: 1451

Description: Weld On Flange Kit for HKS SSQ BOV (Alum Weld Fitting / Alum Flange)

Material: T6061 Aluminum Fitting and Flange

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

Notes: Vibrant Performance makes it easy to weld Blow Off Valve mating flanges to your induction plumbing.

Each BOV Flange Kit comes complete with a radiused weld-on fitting that is threaded so that you can screw on the mating flange.

The Weld Fitting and Flange are made of T6061 Billet Aluminum. Each kit includes an O-Ring for a leak free seal.

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