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Mountune Charge Pipe Upgrade 2014+ Fiesta ST - Blue


The mountune complete intercooler charge pipe upgrade kit features a substantial improvement in airflow compared to the original factory Ford system. mountunes engineers optimized the charge air ducting and lower hot side charge pipe to reduce the pressure drop by an impressive 2.4kPa. The mountune complete intercooler charge pipe upgrade kit is easy to install and complements the performance of the mountune Intercooler upgrade for the Fiesta ST. This kit is also compatible with the original intercooler and systems that use the original intercooler charge pipes.


  • High Flow stainless steel lower intercooler pipe
  • Easy Installation (no drilling)
  • Nomex lined silicone hoses
  • Optimized performance - everything you need, nothing you don't.
  • Hoses available in four color options: mountune black and yellow, yellow, red and blue

For maximum performance, use with our mountune intercooler upgrade .