MK2 5MGE Wiesco Forged Pistons


These pistons are custom cut and the exact same pistons that we use on our 6MGTE MK2 Build. Please note though, that the pictures you see are not how you will receive the pistons. The pictures show the pistons ceramic and moly coated, for now we will not be able to offer these pistons with this coating.

Wiseco engineers specialize in building custom forged pistons to your exact specifications. These pistons are made using the exact same forging process as our shelf stock parts only they are built from the ground up using specifications or example pistons given by the customer. We have been making custom pistons for drag racing, circle track, autocross, road race, rally, and others for decades so you can trust us with a quality build. We pride ourselves in being able to manufacture just about any piston when other companies may so no because it does not fit into their mold of manufacturing. Wiseco's process is built to handle just about any project you can throw at us. If you would like a custom piston built please reference out customer service page and fill out a custom piston request and we will notify you with a price quote and minimum order quantity.

Comp Ratio:8.5:1
Bore:(83.0mm, 83.5mm, 84mm)
Comp Height:1.266