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King 5MGE 6MGE 7MGE 7MGTE Rod Bearings - STD


Founded in 1960, King Bearings is a world-class developer and manufacturer of engine bearings for automobiles. Kings only product is engine bearings, so the company is focused solely on designing and manufacturing the best-quality bearings around. The King Bearings formula includes high-quality materials, stringent manufacturing standards, innovative engineering, and real-world testing. King uses this recipe to create all of its main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings, and thrust washer bearings. Thats why King Bearings is a recognized leader for automotive engine bearings. Dont trust the welfare of your engine to anyone else!

These King AM-Series rod bearings are recommended for street or marine applications. These King AM-Series rod bearings have superior embedability, which provides greater macro-particle and reduces scratching of the crank journals and tearing or weakening of the Babbitt overlays. These King AM-Series rod bearings feature tolerance control up to +/- .0001. They are lead-free, making them environmentally friendly and user-safe.

Please note will only work on motors built after 07/1984.