ExtremeShield 1400 Reflective Wrap,1-1-4"(4 ft length) Silver


Part #: 25833

Description: ExtremeShield 1400 Flexible Reflective Wrap, Size: 1-1/4" (4 foot length)

Material: Aluminized Outer Layer bonded to Fiberglass

Warranty: 90 Day Limited Warranty

Notes: Specifications:

Nominal Size: 1-1/4"
Sleeve Length: 4 feet

This Aluminized Fiberglass thermal wrap is designed for easy installation on lines and hoses that can't be easily disassembled. Simply wrap the pre-formed split tubing around your components and seal it with the included high temperature adhesive strip to provide protection from extreme temperatures (up to 1400 deg F). Perfect for protecting wires, cables and hose lines from the damage that can be caused by exhaust pipes and other high heat sources.