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Cusco MK3 Supra Rear Fixed Pillowball Mounts


Pillow Ball Upper Mount

Cusco offers several types of mounts, (camber adjust, fixed, center lock, gravel spec) depending on your vehicle application. The most popular type is the Camber Adjustable type with the pillowball assembly built in. There are also non camber adjustable fixed pillowball type as well as gravel spec made for gravel rally. These upper mounts replace the flimsy factory rubber for a more solid and direct road surface input to the driver as well as keeping alignment specs to the static position during hard cornering.

Benefit -A must-have item when upgrading to suspension coilovers, where the solid state of the mounts translates the road irregularities to be fully absorbed by the suspension rather than rubber components. This enables improved steering control of the vehicle.

Features / Specification - Both center lock and camber adjustable type use 6mm thick plate uses 2017S duralumin. Made to cater to many different types of shock absorbers with a full line of custom pillow nuts and collars.

Availability: Usually Ships direct from Manufacturer in 10business days.